Our Most Requested Meal Planning Ideas
…all in one spot! 

Cooking real food is one of the best things you can do for your health and we believe the best way to make it easier on yourself is to plan. And this is why we created this Meal Planning Made Simple course.

By taking this course you will

  • Establish a new rhythm around meal planning
  • Build a practical habit that can carry you through this chaos and into the future
  • Reclaim a sense of freedom from the burdens and stresses of decision fatigue
  • Come away with fail-safe ways to build meals that nourish

How it works

  • We’ll be covering – how to choose meals, how to make meal planning faster, staples, quick meal ideas, creating variety, reducing stress in the kitchen
  • You’ll be challenged to make this habit stick by mapping out four weeks, explore new ingredients, assign tasks to family members
  • Register and get instant access to staples list, quick meal ideas, sample meal plans, templates, and more
  • Facebook Group page to interact and share ideas

We hope, by taking this course and doing the work, you’ll come away feeling calmer, clearer headed, inspired, and with more time freedom to do what you want.

Our world is changing. More than ever, the strength of our immunity is crucial. In the midst of this chaos and change, we can intentionally build our health and resilience by nourishing ourselves.

What is this course about?

  • Strategies for meal planning
  • Making meal planning into a habit
  • Creating healthy meals

What is it not about?

  • Losing weight (though this might happen)
  • Emotional eating
  • Clipping coupons
  • Budgeting

Results from doing the work in this course

  • Having a plan each week
  • Lowering stress
  • Creating more time freedom
  • Eating healthier

What’s in this course

  • Self Assessment
  • Daily Time Tracker Exercise
  • Nourish Five Foundations of Health Video
  • Cornerstone of Meal Planning: Master Meal List Exercise and samples
  • Five Easy Steps to Meal Planning video
  • Nine go-to-meal ideas
  • Things that get in our way video, transcript and chart of pitfalls and plans
  • Resources list
  • Submit your meal plan challenge
  • Basic Staples
  • Meal Planning Template and Sample
  • Master Meal List Template and Sample
  • Meals made with staples list
  • Herbs and Spices starter list
  • Storing your bounty
  • Wrap up Self Assessment
  • Facebook Group

A special message from your Nourish Coaches: We understand money might be tight (and stress high) for a lot of us right now, so we’re making this course available for only $17 through the month June (a 30% discount). In July, it will default back to $23.

To your health and happiness, Debbie and Wendy

PS> invite your loved ones and friends