Workplace Wellness Programs




Corporate Nutrition Programs


The healthier employees feel, the better they perform at their workplace.

What We Do and How It Works

A wellness series sets the seed of intention, accountability and long-term sustainability and may include a series or combination of the following:
  • Executive Breakfast Empowerment Sessions
  • Lunch and Learn Wellness Workshops
  • After Hours Wellness Focus Group
Wellness programs have proved to be an effective tool to use in reining in health care costs.
Invest in your employees’ health and you will raise your profit margin.
We hear from so many corporate offices that their teams are 1) tired 2) perhaps don’t move as much as they could 3) have habits they want to break or start.
As we’ve strategized with companies about their unique lifestyle habits and where they want to be, we’ve co-created a blueprint to support improved sleep, movement that fits their current life-style and the internal tuning-in that makes the journey a success.
As a result, they are sleeping better, performing better at work and feeling better about their healthy habits and mindful choices.
What people need and want more of is practical, daily tools and processes to help them feel better.  With this in mind, we approach the wellness care of employees as unique individuals in the larger group. This is where our approach differentiates us.
  • Do you want:

    • Reduced Stress
    • More energy and motivation
    • Improved focus and clarity
    • Healthier, sustainable habits
    • Feeling better in their physical body and emotional well being

  • Company Benefits

    • Decreased healthcare costs
    • Reduced absenteeism
    • Increased productivity
    • Increased employee satisfaction
    • Enhanced workplace community
    • Improved recruitment and retention of high-achieving employees

Want your employees to have more energy and motivation?