Create your own custom workshop for your friends, family and/or co-workers.

Our fifth pillar of health is Connection.  Our vibrant health depends on it.custom groups

A great way to feed this pillar is to get healthy together by creating a group to cheer each other on and help hold each other accountable.  A workshop can get people re-inspired and re-dedicated to wellness.  We love facilitating workshops and would be happy to help you create a custom workshop for your like-minded group.  You gather the people – We run the workshop.

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Create Your Own Custom Workshop

Create a custom workshop for you and your friends.
  • Pick the day that best suites your whole group.
  • Pick the best time of day.
  • A series can help create a lasting support circle.
  • We run classes with a minimum of four people and maximum of eight.
  • Create the workshop title for your group OR choose from the examples below.
  • Enhance your workshop with any of the following.
  • Because of the custom nature of these workshops, the price will vary depending on choices above. Once you've submitted this form and it's reviewed, we will contact you with the price of your workshop. Workshop pricing begins at $75 per participant. ... Do you have any comments or questions?
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