January 1st through January 30th

EAT. MOVE. THRIVE.  30-day Kick Start

EatMoveThrive_JoinUsPicFREE: Receive daily tips and ideas on how to kick start and sustain your 2016.  We post daily on Nourish Facebook so go like us there now to get the feed.  Participate by commenting and sharing your journey with us.

$30 BONUS PLAN: Each week, you will receive additional motivational posts with juicy information on how to EAT. MOVE and THRIVE.  It will include meal suggestions, simple and delicious recipes, moving tips and a weekly video.  $30 for 30 days of motivation.  Join us to kick start 2016 – register here.

Thursday January 7th 12noon 

WHAT TO EAT @ Nourish in Red Bank


An interactive workshop that will answer your questions of what is safe to eat and what’s not. With all the mixed messages out there, how is one to know what is healthy or not?  We’ll make it very clear how to figure out what you need to eat to feel your best.  You’ll receive our master list, the “Food Road Map” of foods to eat, moderate, or avoid and ideas on how to put this list into action. This workshop honors each person’s bioindividuality and is led by two experienced integrative nutrition counselors with a combined 16 years of client and personal experiences to guide you with clarity.

Workshop will be run with a minimum of six attendees so invite your friends and family to inspire each other.  You will be notified within 24 hours if there is a change to the schedule.

We will serve a healthy, delicioius bite to eat.

12noon class registration   

Thursdays 6-8pm starting January 14th through February 18th

NOURISH. BALANCE. THRIVE. @ Nourish in Red Bank

NourishBalanceThrivePM3In this 6-week intensive workshop, two certified integrative health coaches teach you everything you need to know about food, nutrition, and leading a healthy lifestyle. You’ll feel better than you have in years and you’ll glow from the inside out. No cleansing, no detoxing, no dieting; just plain good-old-fashioned real, whole foods.

Registration for your 6-week 2016 renewal

  • Learn what, when and how to eat healthy foods
  • Discover how to cook fast and easy while on the go, traveling and for everyday living
  • Explore ways to feed the family healthy and delicious food
  • Create meal plans to take away the stress of last minute meal decisions
  • Join a community of like-minded people who keep each other accountable

start the year off with support 

This investment is less than $34 per hour (private counseling is $150 per hour).  You’ll be supported by two seasoned and passionate integrative health counselors. In addition, you’ll be surrounded by a community of like-minded peeps both in-person and via Facebook group supporting you between sessions.  The series is structured using our comprehensive Nourish Balance Thrive Wellness Workbook which includes exercises, challenges, self-care guides, working templates, shopping and pantry lists, food charts, an extensive meal planning guide and more – all to set you up for long-term success.  A body composition assessment using the BioImpedance Analysis diagnostic tool will be run at the beginning and end of the 6 weeks to show your progress.   Throughout the series, we’ll explore strategies for putting healthy food on the table and not fall into the traps of media confusion and fads.  This series will help you learn how to eat well for life.