In their programs, Wendy Bright-Fallon and Debbie Peterson’s combined chemistry and energy creates an impassioned audience of individuals, groups and businesses to embrace vibrant living.

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Saturday, May 21st 1:00-3:00 p.m.  Light fare.

We’ll be sharing products that are safer for you and your family.  Lots of sampling and playing with Young Living essential oils and Beautycounter personal care products and cosmetics.  We’ll be doing a food demo and you’ll be able to make something fun at the DIY table.

Please register–It’s FREE!   Bring your whole family!



  • There’s a special chemistry in workshop groups that have people who already know each other. Research has shown that for people wanting to make lifestyle changes,  they are more likely to have successful results if supported and commiserating with friends and family who help to hold each other accountable and up to the standards agreed up on in the group setting.
  • Gather your friends, co-workers, family members (6-12 people) to have your customized workshop going over what you are interested in learning about or using a template from the options below.
  • Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

Group Classes at Nourish                                 _____________________________

Here is a sample of events we hosted earlier this year:


women silouette colored periPM

Perimenopause can mean migraines, insomnia, depression, anxiety, low libido, erratic cycles, fatigue, brain-fog and weight gain OR it can mean happiness, curiosity, freedom, confidence, discovery and strength.

In this class, we’ll explore the choices we have to fight it or Embrace the Mystery of Change. We’ll outline specific strategies to embrace this next phase in our journey and how to move through with grace.

$47 Investment.  If you are interested in gathering a group together for this workshop, please contact us:  info@nourishcoaches.com

January Events Listing

Here are a few additional examples of programs we’ve recently run:

Renew and Revive

  • natural ways to cleanse. 1 1/2 hour class

Hands-on Cooking Classes

  • women’s night-out for ages 2-102 @ Second Life Bikes

Trust Your Gut

  • discover the importance of microflora and the gut-brain connection
  • 2-hour class

Nourish. Balance. Thrive.

  • 6-week Women’s Wellness Series
  • Discovering your body’s wisdom by exploring food and lifestyle choices

Nourish-to-Flourish (starting again this spring)

  • 1-month on-line course
  • Defining best practices for food, self-care and supplements

Nourish: BODY. MIND. SOUL. (launching this fall)

  • 3-month interactive on-line course
  • Teaching, coaching, and community to support your wellness transition

College Student Class: Summer Session

College Student Class (summer session)

  • 3-week summer sessions in both July and August
  • Learn ways to take care of your body and mind amid late night cramming sessions and challenges making it on your own