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Debbie Peterson (L) and Wendy Bright-Fallon (R)SevenArrows_SticksDW

Integrative Health Counselors Wendy Bright-Fallon and Debbie Peterson first met in 2007 at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where they received their health and nutrition certifications.  Debbie is a a wife, mother of two, and founded 180 Health.  Wendy and her husband Dana, also an IIN alumni, founded Renew Wellness.  Both Debbie and Wendy counsel individuals, families and athletes in their quest for looking, feeling and performing their best.  In addition to their private practice, both Debbie and Wendy also work with integrative physician Mark DeVito, MD, run workshops, do regular speaking engagements, produce a podcast titled Nourish Noshes found on iTunes, and provide online nutrition programs.

Wendy and Debbie are passionate about helping people shift to eating closer to nature.  They believe that one of the tools to leading a healing lifestyle includes playing with food.  This inspired them to collaborate on writing two cookbooks:  taste includes 25 recipes and in a pdf format.  This fabulous experience inspired us  to create nourish – a community created cookbook with over 140 simple and healthful recipes with pictures included to whet your appetite.   Find out more about nourish on Amazon.  Go here to download taste.


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