Q&A for 6 Month Advanced Health Program

Q: Why six months? Seems like a big commitment.

A: We get that it seems like a lot. We are looking at health from the lens of the big picture – the life-long picture. It takes time to shift. Science also shows that committing to something for a longer period of time helps you get through the hardest times, the times when we most resist change. 

Q: Seems like a busy time of year to start right now.  Why aren’t you starting the group in January?  

A: Exactly. It is busy – which is the best time to start. We are consciously starting now so that you have the support through the busiest and most challenging time of year: the holidays and then when the dead of winter and cold set in. It’s these times that we need the support the most. Our group will be concluding at the start of spring, a time when most people are just beginning to feel motivated to make changes and you’ll be six months ahead of them. 

Q: But I don’t want to give stuff up for six months.

A: We don’t tell you to give up anything. Our coaching style is to investigate and be curious about what’s working for you and what isn’t. We’ll suggest things to add to your routine, ways of eating, habits, etc. It’s your choice to decide whether you want to give anything up or what to add. Our style of coaching is filled with both compassion but also asking the tough questions.  

Q: Could I pay cash or other instead of CC?

A: Yes. If this works better for you, paying through Venmo, PayPal, check or other means is available. We’ll simply set up a personal contract with you. 

Q: How often will we meet?

A: We’ll be meeting two Thursdays a month on a Zoom call for one hour at a time.

Q: How big is the group?

A: We will keep to an intimate group of up to 10 people. Group dynamics work best with this amount of people. Invite friends to sign up with you. 

Q: What happens after I register for the program?

A: After you register, we’ll schedule an individual 30 minute initial consult (unless you are a current or recent client) and invite you, by email, to our first Zoom meeting. You’ll also receive a hard copy of our Nourish, Balance, Thrive workbook.

Q: What will we be doing in our meetings?

A: We’ll review what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, habit forming techniques, sabotage behavior, intuition, food freedom, cravings and other lifestyle choices that nourish or deplete us.  During each Zoom meeting we will discuss the topic of the day, guided by our Nourish, Balance, Thrive workbook (included in the cost of the program) and offer a challenge for group members to work on between sessions. During our hour-long meeting we will celebrate our successes and failures and the reason behind why it unfolded that way.  As we’ll see over the six-month time, the wisdom will come from sharing both what went well and what didn’t.  

Q: What’s included in the program. In other words, what am I paying for?

A: Besides our 26 years of combined wisdom and coaching expertise 😉 , you will receive our Nourish, Balance, Thrive workbook, inclusion in a private Facebook group, unlimited email communication and, of course, our bi-monthly Zoom meetings.

Q: What if I can’t make it to a meeting?

A: Of course, we want you to do all you can to attend all the meetings, that’s what makes the group the most successful.  With the permission of the group, we will record the Zoom meeting which will be available for the two weeks in between meetings – and then it will be deleted. 

Q: I’ve invested in myself with something like this before and failed. And I’m not sure this is for me.

A: Please listen here to our recent Nourish Noshes podcast discussing failure and our approach for this 6 month program.

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