Think Differently

Stop Bitching

You called at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon wanting help. You explained how your doctor said she would put you on meds if you didn’t get your numbers under control. After a long listen and brief discussion about what we do as health coaches, you asked what insurance we take. As I explained that insurance doesn’t cover our services, you quickly ended the conversation. 

And the rant began in my head..

Stop bitching about the cost of health and start taking care of yourself. 

Insurance is not a health care system, it’s a sick care system. 

Yes, it is frustrating and not fair. 

Yes, the system is broken. 

True health care is adding nourishment of all kinds – food, sun, water, movement, joy, creativity, connection, passion, rest, nature, gratitude, giving, healing, supporting

True health care is removing toxins of all kinds – fake food, chemicals, hate, nasty people

We help you navigate the way to true health. 

  • Stress leads to 90% of doctor visits.
  • Dehydration and poor food choices leads to chronic pain and dis-ease.
  • Stagnation leads to lethargy and depression. 
  • Lack of sleep leads to poor decisions. 
  • Isolation is creating more anxiety.

We help you climb out of this vicious cycle. 

No one wants to be sick. 

You have choices. 

Stop bitching.

Book an appointment.

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