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One of the biggest frustrations for health and nutrition coaches is all of the opposing information that is fingertips away from anyone eager for answers. If you have a question about the health of something you eat or drink, you can just type a search into your web browser and come up with all kinds of information. And the information that comes back to you depends on other things you’ve searched for and perhaps bought online. Or because the people behind that post are paying for it, or the post got popular for some reason which brought it to the top of the search. It’s NOT objective. That’s the whole problem, in fact. Health and nutrition is almost NEVER objective. 

At the end of the day, what objective truths we know:  1. Real whole foods from Mother Nature are supportive (mostly.  Don’t eat poison ivy.) AND 2. Our bodies are constantly sending us messages that we need to learn how to understand. Neither idea is enticingly newsworthy because it’s not new. It’s compelling to get wrapped up in the newest ‘solution to what ails you.’  Which is why we are running these two events: Tune In Zoom call (free this Friday) and Tune In Lunch & Workshop (Sunday March 15th), a more in-depth discussion.

Here are some opposing examples we’ve gathered…
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Meat and Fish associated with Cardiovascular Disease

Eating Red Meat Not Unhealthy

The Carnivore Diet 

Coffee is great for you

Coffee is not so great 

Benefits of soy

Dangers of soy

The Dark Side of Kale

Kale as a Superfood

Raw Food Diet benefits

Stop eating raw foods

Chocolate is heart healthy

Chocolate not so healthy

Eggs a healthy food

Eggs as cardiovascular risk

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil isn’t so great

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