Podcast: Food Waste No More

In this interview with John Hanselman, the co-founder of Vanguard Renewables, we learn all about food waste and their solution to this VERY BIG problem. This is the beginning of a future industry that will eliminate food waste and create renewable energy for everyone. There are no down-sides! It’s a fascinating conversation that will intrigue you and hopefully inspire you. https://vanguardrenewables.com/

There is Legislation in NJ  Sponsored by Assemblyman/woman James Kennedy and Nancy Pinkin Bill A2371 requiring large food waste generators to separate and recycle food waste. Here’s the link:


Private family company that will pick up your compost (local NJ locations)

Sarah of SpruceUp! – a UK company – shared this fabulous resource of great ideas in 35 Easy Ways to Go Zero Waste at Home – check it out and see what you could start doing today.

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