Podcast Series: Tune Into Yourself

1The first of our Nourish Noshes podcast series on Tuning In to Ourselves is about how to change your external focus on health and wellness to internal focus for ultimate health.

2The second episode of our Tune In series is addressing our first foundation of health: nutrition and how to gain more awareness in what, how, when you eat and how that affects your health, along with how to ditch the diet culture mentality that damages us all.

3The third episode of our Tune In series is addressing deprivation. We dive into the “shoulds” that are embedded in the diet culture: “You should eat this or not that.” We ask you to question everything–all those messages that tell you what to do. But YOU know what’s good for you–perhaps you don’t trust yourself, but we want you to get back into yourself and learn how to tune into yourself for the answers that are true to your YOUnique self.

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