Podcast: Interview with Dr. Marc DeVito

Dr. DeVito is unique in many ways, but what inspired us to lure him into an interview for Nourish Noshes is his take on health, which, we believe, is different that any other conventional doctor we know. His approach to treating his patients parallels our own Foundations of Health: Nutrition, Sleep, Movement, Mindfulness, and Connection. It’s a truly holistic way of looking at a person and really the only way to true health.

In this podcast, he discusses how he came to looking at his practice differently and more authentically by seeing people not only by their biology, but also their psychology and physiology.

With a heavy emphasis on his own mindfulness journey, we talk about what is behind our suffering and ways to apply mindfulness in our daily lives. In our interview, he shares his number one health recommendation, his favorite indulgence, his personal mantra, and a new app he’s been using.

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