Podcast: Nia with Meredith Amato

Moving with Meredith

In this interview podcast, we talk with Meredith Amato, Nia instructor about the technique, her practice, what it brings to those who join her classes, and how it impacts everything in our lives. Meredith believes it is the birthright of every woman and EVERY BODY to feel, trust their sensations, and move through life in an integrated, authentic way, and THAT is the key for women to truly access their power and infinite potential.

Meredith uses her extensive training in dance, yoga, and the Nia Technique to create embodied experiences for women that are fun, empowering and grounding.  We encourage you to experience it first hand.

Check out her business, Move With Meredith on Facebook and   @bemovedwithmeredith on Instagram to see her schedule and where to experience Nia with her. If you aren’t local go here.

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