Podcast: Infuse This!

So, you’re feeling tired, foggy, unmotivated? You’re busy with work, kids, life in general and it’s just too hard to take the time out for “self care.” No problem. Now, you can just get an infusion of vitamins and minerals and quickly feel great. That is if you have a spare $300.

But, really? Is that really all it takes? We looked into this trend and came to a quick conclusion: nope.

Vitamin and mineral IV’s have been around for a long time. They are used frequently in hospitals and medical facilities to help people who are compromised because of general malnourishment, chemotherapy, celiac disease, and many other conditions that prohibit someone to properly absorb nutrients.

However, if you are a healthy individual, you most likely don’t need the extra vitamins. And you won’t, necessarily, feel much different with an infusion. If you are eating a well-balanced diet, you are probably getting all you need, for the most part. If you are choosing (and it IS a choice) to not have a well-balanced diet, then perhaps this would make you temporarily feel better, but will you do this weekly (at $200-300 a pop) just so you can continue with your poor lifestyle habits?

One of the articles we found helpful in analyzing this trend was written by Fiona Tapp for the Huffington Post where she commented that “like many alternative treatments, vitamin IV drips do not have a strong body of scientific evidence to back up their health claims. Some services ― and their alleged perks ― aren’t evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. “

If you’re not generally feeling well and aren’t compromised with a condition or disease, it’s most likely you’d benefit more by choosing lifestyle habits that serve your body well for the long run. Vitamin and mineral IVs are a quick fix, a band-aid, a trend that may make you feel better temporarily, but aren’t the answer to looking, feeling and performing better overall. Save your money and invest your time and energy into doing what’s good for you every day so that you can feel good and equally as important, good about yourself.

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