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Questioning Organic

One little boy couldn’t speak and had a host of motor problems, another one had hives all over his body and abnormal gut distention, the other had asthma, mom had severe pain and dad had a breast tumor. And those are just a few highlights. This was all in one family. The diagnostic count for the five of them was staggering. This is not normal.

We co-hosted a movie last night in partnership with the Holistic Moms’ Network, Dean’s Natural Foods and a few other organizations who are interested in the current food system and vibrant living.  The movie is titled Secret Ingredients and highlights the mysteries and madness behind GMO foods [genetically modified organisms] and the continued health crises that comes with messing with our foods. The movie follows several families whose heartbreaking stories about illness and infertility was resolved with one primary change:  eating organic foods.  

Though we both have been eating organically for years, it’s not 100%.  We all do the best we can. The movie’s message though was sobering and it removed any ‘food fatigue’ I was having about keeping to organic.  During the movie, you could feel the audience shifting with the families from disbelief and anger to knowledge and confident choice. All the data and stats and evidence validated the importance of continuing to come back to this important choice – eating organic is better for us and for the planet.  

One of the highlights of the film is how dangerous these GMO foods are to our microbiome (gut), endocrine system and neurological systems (to name a few).  With this in mind, we are doubling down on our encouragement for you to buy everything you can organic for the next 6 weeks and see what positive health effects it has on your energy, your digestive system, your emotional stability and your clarity of thought. If you want accountability and direction with this, schedule an appointment. We have some helpful tools to support this shift. 

There is no doubt that these families also made other changes in lifestyle – things we talk about with our Nourish Coaches Five Foundations of Health: nutrition, sleep, movement, mindset, and connection.  They also used other modalities to support their journey: physical therapy, speech therapy, acupuncture, medicine, meditation – etc. But the number one change all these families made was to buy organic – and they saw and felt a significant difference – some of them very quickly.  

Besides GMO, Why buy organic?  Another primary highlight of the movie was about the active ingredient glyphosate, found in the weed killer RoundUp. If you don’t know the dangers and the studies, we encourage you to read about it.  Of it’s many issues, it is a: neurotoxin, carcinogen and antibiotic – all of which play havoc on our gut and brain health. To those who argue there is no scientific double blind studies, well, as one MD outlined (and we paraphrase): The plural of anecdotal = data.  Individual cases add up to lots and lots of data.  

How can we not pay attention?  How can we not see if this change could help heal the body?  

Food is language and if it’s all messed up, well, then our body will do the same.  

It’s easy to get side tracked…It can be inconvenient…It can be hard…It can be tedious.  

But it is simple. This one choice can make a huge difference in your health and happiness.  

You might have to hunt a little more for organic, but we promise it is worth the effort and the extra few dollars.  Being sick is inconvenient. We consider eating organic an essential way of living vibrantly and for a long time.  

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