End of Summer Blues

We’ve dreaded it. Started thinking about it after July 4th. Promised ourselves we wouldn’t complain about the heat or the bugs because we’d rather deal with that stuff over being freezing cold or wearing coats again. But it’s inevitable–just another thing we have no control over.  Summer is ending.

So, since we have no control over that, why not embrace it and appreciate all it has to offer. For one, the bounty of harvest. Some of the best produce is available now. And much of it can be frozen or preserved for the coming months. So, buy from farm stands. Get too much and then blanch and freeze. According to Mother Earth Newsonly use fruits and veggies in excellent condition that have been thoroughly cleaned. Most vegetables you plan to freeze should be blanched for two to five minutes, or until they are just done. Blanching — the process of heating vegetables with boiling water or steam for a set amount of time, then immediately plunging them into cold or iced water — stops enzyme activity that causes vegetables to lose nutrients and change texture. The cooled veggies can then be packed into bags, jars or other freezer-safe storage containers.” Green beans, spinach, summer squash, corn . . . and more.  

Aside from appreciating the harvest at this time of year, there are other things to embrace.  Though the household activities might be gearing up for fall, there is a new sort of quiet outside at the beaches, woods, trails and parks. It may simply be the energy that has calmed now that summer is ending. Take a moment to notice the peacefulness and appreciate being in nature. This is the best time to be outside. Besides, the more time you spend outdoors in the next couple of months, the easier it will be to adapt to the cooler temperatures and the mindset of fall and winter. 

Health-wise, this time of the year and into fall is a great time for you to reboot. The change of seasons is always a good time to do this, as our bodies are tuned into the change. So, yes, take on new lifestyle habits and ways of eating. Make the intention of finding your best self through eating better, sleeping better, moving more, being mindful and connecting with people you care about. We can help with that.

So, the next time you talk with someone who says, “Can you believe summer is over? It just went so fast!” Give ‘em a big smile and respond, “Yes, and isn’t it wonderful we get to experience another season!” If you shift your mindset, perhaps you can help others shift theirs.

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