Our Gift to You

What you focus on grows.

As a gift to you, we’ve created a Nourish Wellness Calendar to support you looking, feeling and performing your best in 2019.

By tracking clear and simple intentions one-by-one and day-by-day, we set seeds for long-term positive behavior change.  Many studies show that as we become more intentional and aware of how we are showing up for ourselves and each other, we then have the information to reflect on accomplishments and challenges and make the micro shifts needed.  

As you will see, we have chosen six simple ideas:  eat nourishing food, hydrate, move, get quality sleep, make connections and breathe.

Depending on where you are in your journey, you might start by picking one – the one you will be the most consistent and successful doing every day.  Check-off every day you accomplish your intention. After two weeks of doing this one, add another.

For others, you might be doing a few of these already, check them off and pick one more to master.

We encourage you to print this out and put it in your journal, next to your computer, on your night stand or refrigerator.  Place it somewhere you will see it everyday as a gentle reminder of how you want to feel.  As you complete a successful day, week and month, say ‘Yay Me!’ and give yourself credit.  {I don’t know about you, but I could celebrate wins a bit more.}

We hope you like it but more importantly, we hope you USE IT.  And please share this page with your friends and spread the ripple effect of health.


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