Little things add up

Make the bead.
Sew on the button.
Clean out the drawer.
Sort the mail pile.

Doing these little things again and again – over time – add up to a clean home.

Remember this idea when you are looking at the scale not going down after going on a ‘diet’ for a week and being disappointed with the results.  After years of steady increase, you all-of-the-sudden declare that THIS WEEK I will start to lose weight and you dive in and do EVERYTHING in one week.  

You start meditating.
Swear off sugar.
Go on a run.
Go to bed earlier.

…..all on the first day
….and you think you’re going to be successful.
….when what you did was:

Get mad at your monkey mind.
Set yourself up for deprivation.
Hurt your hips, knees and back.
Get snarky at friends and family.

….and go to bed ‘disappointed’ because you didn’t stick to your plan.

Um.  Stop it – and let’s reset.  

The house and all its’ rooms doesn’t get disorganized overnight – nor does it get cleaned up overnight.  So why try and clean up all your habits in a week and expect it to last and sparkle?


All of these things CAN happen over time – with inspiration, support, accountability and kindness.  This is exactly what the weekly Magna Vita Nourish Community is created for – click here for more information.

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