What do you think about Detox plans?

“What do you think about Detox plans, Wendy?” she asked me with an eagerness I’ve seen many times.

It felt an honor to be asked in front of a group of other knowledgeable people – but it was also a little uncomfortable because it can be a heated topic. My pronouncement was heavy on my lips ready to spill out and challenge the status quo – the thing so many people grab onto as the one thing that can ‘fix’ them: A Detox. It can be a loaded subject…

Here are my thoughts:

If you get rid of the crap you are eating, doing and thinking, and add in nutrient dense foods, enough movement, sound sleep, mindfulness and supportive and fun community, then you will naturally feel better. It doesn’t have to be labeled a detox – though I do get that people are drawn to labels – we like titles so we can be clear about what we’re doing. But I argue that the novelty of all that wears off too easily.  And this is exactly what creates yo-yo dieting. So many of the trendy detox diets are not sustainable. (Though I do understand detox programs are short term and not meant to be sustainable – I simply believe some are too harsh and unnatural much of the time).

I’m not saying detoxes and cleanses are wrong or right, work or don’t work.

I’m not even saying not to do one if it sounds good to you. What I’m saying is look at the big picture. Look at the whole gut-brain-heart connection and you’ll be in much better harmony.

It’s amazing what our body does without us knowing or thinking about it. Let’s give our body credit.

Our heartbeat and breath are little miracles really. Same goes for our liver and kidneys and the whole chain of events going on day in and day out. Their primary job is to detox – which is superior to any cleanse. What we want to do is support those functions to do their best work. They are huffing and puffing for us every day. Given half the chance, our body will be resilient and ‘right itself’ to the hardships we’ve poured on it. And a detox could just add to the list of hardships.

I also don’t believe we are broken and need ‘fixing.’ That kind of thinking is harsh. Each thought and action affects a whole cascade of cellular shifting in hormonal and metabolic actions.

So yes or no?

So can a detox potion, herb, supplement or mix help? Sure, maybe it will help clean you out and reset your system. But will your body do that anyway without the extra help? I’ve read some amazing studies about placebo effects – quite fascinating success. It all depends on what you’re putting in your body, what you are thinking and what you are doing – long term.

So if you believe your thing works, that you feel better, go ahead and do ‘the detox’ but remember – it’s a moment in a long journey of life and what you do AFTER is more important. That AFTER is the key to your long term vibrancy. If you want to stick with real foods, and lifestyle changes, connect with us one-on-one OR visit our online, independent Resilient Health program to get started. And if you really want to reset with a detox and don’t know which one to try, then ask us. We have a few we highly recommend…but only if you also do the AFTER!

To your health and happiness and your amazingly resilient body.

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