Despite the rebel inside…

Do it anyway…

Do you ever feel like staying home and curling up on the couch with a good book instead of moving your body?

I do…


100% of the time, after yoga, I feel better.

100% of the time, after a run, I feel better.

100% of the time, after a bike ride, I feel better

100% of the time, after a lifting session, I feel better.

Not sometimes.

ALL the time.

Our body is meant to move.  It is meant to be challenged.

We are built TO MOVE.

This post isn’t for the person who is sick or compromised – you get a partial pass.

It is meant for the lazy, sluggish, inactive in us.  The “I’ll do it tomorrow” voice.

Tomorrow comes and goes and and we often stay stuck.  Being in motion helps us get unstuck.

You and I, we have a choice.

Everytime we say no to ourselves, we are disappointing the child at your core. The one that needs to move around – dance, play, run.

I encourage you to experiment.  (if you want additional inspiration – check our podcast titled MOVE #16)

For those of you who need a framework and accountability…come for a session and we’ll co-create what works best for YOU…not for your neighbor or your partner or your friend.  For YOU. This is the kind of thing you CAN NOT put off. Today is the perfect time to start moving.

I still curl up with a book every now and then and relish the moments – but not at the expense of my workouts. That comes first – then I can shift my attention to something else – like that wonderful pile of books calling my name.

How about you?

What would your movement look like?

Happy Movement!  ~Wendy

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