Creating Space

creating moments to breath and grow

The beauty of playing in the garden this morning: the sun warm on my shoulders, the air blowing just enough to keep me cool, the birds dipping into the silence with their song and the bees curious about me being in their territory.

The task of pulling weeds: daunting and overwhelming at first – but as soon as the project saw a spot of progress, my energy shifted…I was opening up space for other plants to thrive. As I stood back and looked at the piles with satisfaction, it reminded me of the other spaces in my life that need some tending – my closets, my in-box, my thought patterns, my schedule.  Do you have places like that?  Cluttered. Messy. Overflowing.
One of my clients – a full time working mother of two very young children – was telling me her story about feeling so overwhelmed that it was a struggle sometimes to even breath. She had zero space to call her own, to relax or to stop.  Gulp.  As we deconstructed her schedule, it was clear she needed to learn the art of saying no, releasing the idea of keeping a perfect household AND adding moments of peace into her life. We dug deeper and found two spots to target immediately – places she had control of and that were free from shifting anything about the schedule or saying no: the shower and her car rides. She chose to create the shower as meditation time instead of reviewing her to-do list. The shower now became a ritual of cleansing the mind as well as body.  During her car rides she chose to turn off the busy distractions of radio and phone and count her many blessings. These two simple shifts of cleansing and gratitude in her daily routine, with practice, will make a big impact on how she shows up for herself and the rest of her tribe.

Just like my garden, she will revisit her goals and weed out what does not serve her.

Creating space in our life allows us to breath and grow. 

We challenge you to do a little clearing and see what unfolds.

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