Podcast: Women’s 2nd Puberty

It’s a word you’ve heard, for sure, but maybe you think, “Not me.  Not yet,” or “What is that anyway?”  If your in your 40’s, you are probably in the midst of perimenopause, so why not explore and celebrate it?  May seem odd to say, so why not start your exploration right here . . . Listen.

women silouette colored peri

  • Lisa Lee
    Posted at 11:54h, 20 February Reply

    I’m interested in attending the workshop. I’m 49 and lost my mom at age 11. Am very health and wellness conscious. Worked in PH as an educator and in school wellness to prevent pedi obesity and chronic disease onset. So far no adverse effects of my perimenopause and I hope to live and eat in a way to avoid weight gain, anxiety, memory and libido loss, and hot flashes. My libido is strong and healthy! Want to learn from older women and avoid others mistakes.

  • Frances B Holinda
    Posted at 21:28h, 08 April Reply

    If we look at the onset of menstruation as the “beginning” of becoming a woman, it stands to reason that we would think of menopause as an “ending”. Factually, it is the end of our reproductive period, but it is the “beginning” for so much more. The physical and emotional challenges that accompany menopause are different for everyone. But I believe that by changing our perspective and focusing on the opportunities that lie ahead, rather than mourning what we have left behind, we can make this the best time of our lives.

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