Day Two of Three Day Fast by Debbie Peterson


Sunday, June 14

I expected today to be more difficult than yesterday as in the past, I’ve felt worse on day two.  The first time I did this three day fast, I was very uncomfortable on the second day.  I know now, that it was because I was much less “clean” than I am today.  But, I also remember feeling that much better when it was over, back then, knowing I needed that fast to clean out my system and reboot my health.

This morning I woke up with less energy than yesterday. I lost two pounds.  I took my dog for a long walk, which was fine, but not at my usual brisk pace.  She didn’t seem to mind, since it was hot and she was uncomfortable in the heat.  I was still hungry in the beginning of the day, but thankfully, I didn’t have a headache or any other symptoms I read about people having in the first or second day of fasting (again, a tribute to my healthy lifestyle–it’s so worth it!).  I did have some lower back discomfort (not quite pain), which is also normal for detoxifcation.

My hunger never completely went away as I expected it to, so I was a bit irritable in the afternoon–but distracting myself worked–running an errand and taking the dog for another walk.  I feel good overall, and I know my body is working hard, as my energy shows for it.  I definitely had a lot less energy than yesterday.  Bedtime 10:00.

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