Day Three of Three Day Fast by Debbie Peterson


I made it through three days (will head to bed after I finish writing).  Overall I feel good.  I had no ill effects:  no headaches, odor, aches or pains.  I suppose that is a testament to my clean living.  I woke up today not feeling very energetic, but as the morning progressed, I had a lot of energy and felt great.  My hunger finally dissipated, though not completely, still, which surprises me and makes me wonder.  The last time I did this I remember not being hungry after the second day (though I don’t know how accurate my memory is).  I have lost about five pounds, and I do feel like I lost some extra fat.  I’m glad I stuck it out as I was thinking I may end this fast early because I had tennis matches planned today, originally, which probably wouldn’t have been the best idea, but they got rained out and I benefited in that I could finish my three whole days.

Tomorrow morning I will break my fast with some raspberries.  I don’t know if I’ll eat anything else in the morning, but I plan to have some steamed greens of some sort for lunch. Now that I’m all clean, I don’t want to mess things up.  I will stay away from grains for a while, and try to be 100 gluten free (at least with food) for a while.  I’ll also avoid dairy and, of course, sugar.  I’m experimenting in finding out if I’m sensitive to particular foods by introducing them one at a time.

I highly recommend doing a fast to anyone, really, but especially for anyone who has a chronic condition or disease.  A one day fast once a month is very doable for most people and has multiple benefits.  Consider it.  And if you want more details or guidance, please contact me at info@nourishcoaches.com

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