What the heck?

Q: Don’t you already eat this way?   

A: Yes, we eat this way already – for the most part – but eating 100% real means we’ll be giving up some conveniences.  Products that we can ultimately make ourselves, for example.  We know it takes work to eat healthy and we sometimes choose convenient prepared or packaged foods that may be healthy but are still compromising the ‘real food eats’ philosophy we teach and practice.  Our focus is to eliminate as many of these processed/packaged foods as possible.  That means, if we can make it instead of buying it, we will.  This includes things like nut butters, milks, soup stock, crackers, breads, pastas, juices, ice-cream, chocolates and bars.

Q: So you won’t eat milk or ice-cream?

A:  We’ll make our own from raw nuts and coconut.  Look for our recipe posts throughout our 40 days.  We’re going to create some new ways to get deliciousness into our bodies without the extra miscellaneous added ingredients that keep processed foods from spoiling, separating or going rancid.  We’ve decided, since animal milk is highly processed, it’s not on our ‘real eats plan.’  This means, if we want it, we have to go find a farm and participate in the production.

Q: What’s the purpose for doing this challenge?

A: We have been inspired by similar programs and both wanted to reset this spring season.  So instead of a typical week-long detox, we decided to go real.  These traditional detox programs are ones we’ve done before and offer as part of our services so if that is what you’re looking for, connect with us.  However, this time, we wanted to take a different approach this time for ourselves.  This is a new level of challenge in the spirit of upping our game and taking our expert advise to a new level.  We asked ourselves: Can we challenge ourselves even more and inspire others to do it even for a short time to see how it affects their life.  We hope people will consider joining us for a weekend, a week or whatever fits for you.

Q:  What do you expect to come out of this? 

A: We expect to feel better – mentally, spiritually and physically – with energy, clear thinking, mindful about what nature provides, feeling more socially responsible, and better planners for ourselves and our family.  We asked ourselves: Can we feel different from how we are feeling already?  If so, maybe it will help us consider the short cuts we take, how often we eat out, how it might make us plan better and help us be more creative in the kitchen. There is always room for improvement for everyone.

Q: How do we get involved?  

A: Follow our blog, post comments, ask questions, tell all your friends and family.  Join the challenge and see what transformation happens.

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